Adding VueJS Components


You may want to include your own VueJS component for your application. In this guide you will learn everything step by step.

Installing VueJS

Larakits uses ReactJS. It would not install VueJS for you. So you have to install it manually. To install VueJS you have to run the command on your terminal:

npm i vue --save-dev

You have to load and initiate VueJS in the resources/js/app.js file:

window.Vue = require('vue');

 * Register your Vue components.

const app = new Vue({
  el: '#app'

The code snippet is already exist on your resources/js/app.js file. You may uncomment it instead of copy/paste the code snippet.

Creating Component

You can create a basic VueJS component that will show Hello World. Before doing that you have to create the component file.

Create a VueJS component file in the resources/js/components and name it hello-word.vue:

  <div>Hello World</div>

export default {}

Registering Component

To register hello-world.vue component, you have to include the component in the resources/js/app.js by the way given bellow:

Vue.component('hello-world', require('./components/hello-world.vue').default);

You have to place the code snippet below Register your Vue components.

Finally you have to include the HTML markup in your blade view file that is given below: