The announcement will help you to notify your user about any changes you made on your application. You can announce about your new blog post and almost everything you want.

Announcement has three parts: title, body, and link. The title is the announcement title that will appear when user’s click on bell icon on the top-right of navbar. The body is the content you want to show under the title. It will be short description and you are free to use markdown syntax. The link will be the more details of your announcement.

Announcement is the feature of Lighthouse. So, you have to include your email address on $developer property in the App\Providers\LarakitsServiceProvider class.

If you registered yourself as a Larakits developer, you will see Lighthouse dropdown menu item when you click on your name from top-right of the navbar. In the lighthouse page you will see the announcement link under SETTINGS.

When you publish new announcement, every users on your system will see a red indicator on the bell icon situated on the navbar. When they will click the bell icon they will see a list of announcements. It may also have Notification. When they click on any announcement, they will be redirected to the detailed link page that you will include when creating announcement.


Larakits will dispatch Larakits\Events\Announcement\Published event, every time you published a new announcement. It’ll allow you to notify your user on stack, email, etc.